Pandemic Food Supply & Redistribution Program

A solution to address the urgent need to feed families while ensuring the viability of the food supply chain

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The Pandemic is decimating the food supply chain and current donation-based approaches don’t address the structural problems caused by the crisis.

Simultaneously, demand from food pantries is increasing while many providers are throwing away huge amounts of excess perishable food.

Many food banks and pantries are designed for shelf stable donations and are not adequately equipped for perishables, which are currently going to waste due to the collapse of the food service supply chain.

FoodSourceUSA addresses the food imbalances for perishables such as meat, produce and dairy, serving society and protecting the supply chain.

The two missing ingredients are financial compensation for food producers, processors and distributors, and logistics for moving these perishable products into the food bank system in some way.

  1. We help connect food insecure communities to the sources of much needed fresh produce, meat and dairy products.
  2. We make it possible for government agencies to pay producers and processors for the product, keeping supply chains viable until the economy stabilizes.

How It Works

FoodSourceUSA is based on established and proven technology that has been enhanced for the specific need facing our society.

FoodSourceUSA is powered by Park City Group’s ReposiTrak technology platform, the industry leader for stock replenishment, compliance, sourcing, food safety and risk management in the grocery industry with thousands of suppliers, wholesalers and retailer.

Park City Group is providing the ReposiTrak technology to power FoodSourceUSA to match urgent demand with excess supply, reimburse suppliers and processors and, with the support of the National Guard, transport shipments throughout the US where it’s needed most.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate in FoodSourceUSA?

Providers of food products with excess inventories can register to participate. Food banks, pantries and other charitable organizations will be vetted for participation by relevant government agencies. 

Is this a donation system?

While donations may be accepted, the intent is for approved suppliers to be paid market rates and processors to be compensated based largely on their variable costs by relevant government agencies with the goal of keeping their workforce employed. 

Who puts the product details in the system?

Once set up for access, providers can post and upload their available product inventories, with the support of the FoodSourceUSA/ReposiTrak team.

Who handles shipment and delivery?

The National Guard and other involved government agencies will coordinate and execute the logistics of pickup and delivery.


Our Partners

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The Jahn Research Group at the University of Wisconsin-Madison conducts research on risk in food systems. The Group manages a set of networks and a global scientific research alliance that mobilizes data, information and knowledge relevant to the dynamics of humanity’s food, water and energy provisioning with an interest in human dimensions, local and planetary limits, and thresholds. Working across academia, governments, business and civil society, the Jahn Research Group supports the creation of transparent, robust approaches designed to better depict and manage the dynamics of 21st century food, water, and energy systems in human security, humanitarian, and environmental terms.

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